About KMKR Radio

Xerocraft Hackerspace is building a radio station!


What would your radio show be?

Tell us about it and you could make it on the air on KMKR!

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What is KMKR?

KMKR (or K-Maker Radio) is your radio station. That’s right. It’s yours. Much like how Xerocraft Hackerspace puts otherwise expensive, large, hard to locate tools at your disposal to build whatever you want, KMKR will put a real life radio station in your hands! You, your family and your friends produce content that will be aired on an actual FM radio station to fellow Tucsonans!

radio_logo_7bKMKR  is an LPFM radio station that Xerocraft is setting up. LPFM stands for Low Power FM, meaning that the 50W tower will broadcast to a two mile radius, which includes much of downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona. Earlier this year Xerocraft Hackerspace was awarded a permit from the FCC to construct a Low Power FM radio station.

K-Maker Radio 100.1 FM (or 99.9 FM, depending on the outcome of a petition to the FCC) is all about the maker community and culture that is uniquely Tucson. We want to give voices to local builders, hackers, artists, musicians and engineers to spread their ideas over the airwaves and the internet.


Who can broadcast on KMKR?

You can! We’re looking for all kinds of content that Tucsonans can produce: music, talk, discussion, debate, radio dramas, the avant-garde. Live or pre-recorded. Anything and everything (Except cursing. That pesky FCC!).

Have you ever wanted your own radio show? Sure, there’s KXCI. But the waiting line there is long and few volunteers ever make it on the air! KMKR is new and hungry for content.

What’s the catch?

The catch is that the FCC permit affords us only 18 months (that’s July of 2016) to get our first transmission on the air. Otherwise, we lose the permit! And there’s much more to do besides organizing content. We still have to collect and purchase the hardware necessary to broadcast our signal, construct the studio and lay the support base for the radio tower. That means one thing: fundraising. We estimate it will take about $10,000 to get us on the air. We checked and couldn’t find that much in the couch cushions anywhere.

What’s this got to do with Maketopolis 2015?

Like Maketopolis, KMKR Radio will be a showcase for makers of Tucson. The 2nd Annual Maketopolis will be a festival for makers of music as well as makers of gadgets and artworks. There will be a concert benefit as part of Maketopolis 2015 that will fundraise for getting KMKR on the air to you, and possibly by you as well! The money generated will allow us to purchase the necessary (and expensive!) equipment needed to broadcast an FM radio signal.

What can I do to help?

Cash donations
Do you have $10,000? Probably not. Short of that, we would surely appreciate whatever donation you can spare.

We accept online donations here.

Equipment donations
Perhaps in lieu of money you have sound recording or broadcast equipment you’d like to donate. Xerocraft Hackerspace is a 501(c)3 non-profit and equipment donations are tax-deductible.

Please contact us and let us know what equipment you have for donation.

Want to be a DJ?  Want to volunteer?
Would you like to help us put on Maketopolis 2015 or construct our radio station? We’re collecting volunteers right now! There is a Volunteer Orientation Meeting on Saturday, April 18 at 4:00pm at Xerocraft to get people up to speed on what needs doing and when.

Please fill out this volunteer survey to let us know how you would like to help.

NOTE: Participating in the survey does NOT sign you up to exhibit or perform at Maketopolis! To display your talents at Maketopolis, you must sign up on our EventBrite page.

Have an idea for a show? Tell us about it!